Logitech Wheel Support?


I’ve been playing GTA:SP and GTA:O with x360ce and I had no problem getting my wheel to work. However in FiveM I can’t seem to get to work. I’ve tried using ikt’s steering mod but it does work with some server as they don’t allow the use of script. Is there a way to use a wheel controller without mod that rely on scripts. Anyone else have the same issue?


have you tried putting xinput dll in fivem folder and fivem/bin/?


It did not work.
Is there any other solution?


This works for my G27, it may cause crashing but so far for me it’s been crash-free.


How did you managed to get it to work? I’ve follow the instruction on the Readme but I still cant get it to run. Btw what servers are you playing in when they work?


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