Login NUI before spawn


What I’m trying to do is showing a NUI before spawn. Doing it before spawn because there are functions that can only work during spawn and the idea is to get the players info or registration before spawn. I tried showing NUI on


but the NUI’s mouse was not able to click on fields and buttons. I pressed Esc, the NUI closed, but the loading screen was just stuck. Are there any other client base events that could work for this situation?


Keyboard input while joining servers is allowed, though I think they disabled the mouse from working when loading. This would explain why pressing ESC would close the NUI but you’re not able to click on any fields/buttons. Have you tried pressing TAB when those buttons/fields were showing? If you’ve set the correct “form” html5 attributes you can have TAB make the selected fields/buttons switch.


Yes, TAB does work. Guess I’m just going to have to notify the players that they have to use TAB to switch fields or buttons for now. Thank you.

By the way, when I press the login button in the loading screen, it spawns the player and then shows some grey big text in the middle. Could you try something similar in the loading screen and confirm that this happens to you also?

EDIT: Nevermind. I think it’s Steam’s fps counter, because I have it enabled and it literally shows a number and “fps” after. :roll_eyes: