Locking hospital Doors? Need IDs



We are trying to put locks on two hospital doors. I for the life of me cannot find the ID for the doors. Ill post two screenshot links below of the two that are needed. If anyone knows the ID or where I can find them thatd be amazing
Door 1- http://prntscr.com/j21lo6
Door 2/3 - http://prntscr.com/j21lrw


door 1: 105986
door 2/3: 106498 106242

if you need more id’s you can get them with this resource:


Thank you so much! I am gonna send this to my Dev team in hopes they can get those locks set up for me!


yea probably need the xyz coordinates for them to lock it properly i suggest using code walker for that u just load the gta map and fly around it and you can interact with props check id , xyz’s everything witha click


What’s wrong with showme? Send a pull request :upside_down_face:


nothings wrong with it works flawlessly for what its designed i just use codewalkd cuz then i don’t have to start my server or even start GTA to find those things i just open the program load up mods boom done no need to start any server or anything to get little info