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The youtube video don’t work ?


bonjour on fait comment pour changer la vidéo car je n arrive pas merci d avance


Please keep it english on the forums.


hello we do how to change the video because I do not arrive thanks in advance


Pour changer la vidéo, vous devez placer l’ID de la vidéo YouTube dans le fichier : Assets/JS/config.js (ligne 1)

To change the video, you need to put the YouTube video ID in the file Assets/JS/config.js (line 1)


This is my fixed version of the script/resource. This fixes the YouTube videos not working or being muted. and a slight font change on the rules board. This also fixes the background not going to the full resolution showing a massive empty space at the bottom.

If anyone has any questions feel free to reply :slight_smile:


Your youtube api key dead. @Atlass_75

Please update this loading screen. Video’s not playing and sharing.



The issue is that the V on video_id in the html is capitalized when it shouldn’t be.

change Video_ID to video_id and remove &mute=1 or else videos will be muted.

you can download the fixed version on my GitHub: https://github.com/Matt4499/FiveM-Loadingscreen-Neon


for me it is working just fine…


Je viens d’ajouter une option qui vous permet d’activer ou non le lecteur MP3

I just added an option to enable or disable the MP3 player


Tell me how to change the background? To put your background! I really do!


did not fix one issue with the youtube video not loading


not loading or is muted? make you reinstall the resource, instead of dragging and dropping my fix into the folder. if that still doesnt work PM me a screenshot of what’s going on.


Any idea why this is happening?

UPDATE: It was a copyright video


Github link crashed… Very good…


https://github.com/Matt4499/FiveM-Loadingscreen-Neon This seems to be the most recent working link


I set the volume for the YouTube video 1/100 but it is still VERY loud. Please help!!


@Atlass_75 Hi, Can you please add a option to add a ogg radio stream?