Loadingscreen | Music (toggle with space) | Loadbar

FiveM Loadingscreen


  • Loadingbar
  • Music (toggle on and off with space)
  • If you’re intrested to get something else, let me know.


How to change text?

  • Open edit_this.html with any edit program ( Visual Studio Code )
  • Search for the following text you want to change with CTRL F.

If you have ideas for new projects, let me know and i’ll look into it.
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Awesome! :smile:

Any way you can make it so it cycles through multiple pictures?

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I use this. It’s pretty legit. The only issue I have is it usually doesn’t play the music but for about…ten seconds or so then stops.

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how can i install this

I love this loading screen.
Music seems to stop well before the loading screen disappears, though.

Working all fine for me, is there any way to change the background photo to be a rotating cycle of images.

How can i put in the loadinscreen my own picture ?

Hey, how do I make it so the background is multi picture?

kinda off topic but whats the name of the song in the preview?

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we have the same issue with the music sadly… 5-10 seconds and stop’s, anyone knows why?

i think you can but now sure

how to fix music stopping after seconds?