Loading screen for servers


By the looks of things this is a wide problem with the update… I am just making sure I am right… So I would assume there is a fix in the works? Loading screen keeps loading even though you are dropped in the game in the background…


edit// According to Kane, it’s server-sided. Outdated resources are used.
edit// Take a look at Kng’s post [Release] Improved Loading screen


I’m having the same issue. I load into the game, and then all of the sudden, I hear the games background noises, and i move my controller and I can hear myself walking around, punching, hitting the start button. But my screen is showing me the loading screen, and I wait for a little while to see if it will load me in, and it doesn’t.


Yep, Got it taken care of… Thanks to you as well


what did you do to fix it??


thank you KNG for this

As this was using a odd quirk to close the loadingscreen it’s now broken, To fix it just replace the contents of client_login.lua with

This also means you can remove server_login.lua & remove
server_script ‘server_login.lua’ from the resource manifest



GanjiMonster where do you find the client_login.lua folder or file.