Load world surroundings at coord



I’m making a CCTV script and everything works except that I can’t seem to get the camera entity at a coord far away from my own coord. The problem is that I can’t load the map at that coord, since if I teleport myself to that location I can get the cctv camera prop and attach a cam to it.

I tried to find a native for loading the world at a specific coord but I’m lost, any help would appreciated.


Just make the player invisible and teleport them to the desired location.

Or perhaps this function. https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0xBB7454BAFF08FE25


Apparently you could try to request a collision first, but I’ve never had any luck using that myself :confused: If you figure out how to use it, please let me know :wink:


SetFocusArea(...) is the solution for his problem.

About request a collision, I have the same problem, never worked like it should…


I’ll try that when I get home. I have also not had any success with collision :frowning: