Linux or Windows?


Hey everyone,

I’m planning to run a linux fivem server.
Are there any limitations/differences in regards of scripts/mods etc. when running windows or linux server?

Thank you so much,


Not really, or at least not that I’ve seen. I develop/test on Windows and push to Linux (Ubuntu) and have had no issues thus far.


Thank you.
So this means that I can also run the other things like mysql on the same machine right?


Yes, you would be able to do that.


wait ur linux server has no problems? does it run 24/7?


The only problem mine has is the CuRL error code 52, still trying to figure out why that happens. Other than that, no issues.


hmm, interesting I have been having problems with Linux for a long time with the SIG error and randomly crashes so how many resources u run on ur server and is it on essential mode and esx or some other stuff?


The SIG errors are normal. And it’s a vanilla FiveM server at the moment, but the resources that will be added are all coded by me. I’d recommend creating a topic in the #technical-support category if you need help.