Limits of SQL db?




I wonder, if there is some actual limit for SQL database, excluding space on SSD/HDD.

On our RP server, we are planning to have kind of excessive collection of cars and bikes, since that’s our main direction.

Does anybody know what might be theoretical limits?

Thank you!


The limits mostly come from the underlying library more than mysql itself. mysql is in some fields of science used to store really large amounts of data in tables, we are talking here about giga- up to some extreme cases terabytes (do not know if that is one table, but pretty sure mysql can handle it).

So you should be fine.


Can confirm. At a former job I worked on a project with data warehouse sql tables that had 3 million rows. takes a while to perform meaningful queries on that, but it was fine with the technologies of SQL (our case Microsoft SQL)

For a FiveM server, MySQL is fine. You will not reach the limits of it. The choice whether you want mysql or not is another thing. If you make use of a lot of relations, a relational database lime MySQL is good. if you want to store data that has little to do with one another, then a flat storage system like NoSQL is fine too. Or even JSON i/o is quite fast on smaller data.