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How to join

All you have to do is join the discord, and contact any member of staff. They will then guide you through your quick interview, and then you are done!


Pictures (Click me!!)

Patrol times

Before applying we ask that you can guarantee you can show up for at least 50% of our patrols. Those times and dates are below.

Currently, our patrol times are the following Thursday-Tuesday;

7:00 PM EST to whenever we have had enough

Departments currently hiring

  • Highway Patrol
  • Blaine County Sheriff
  • Civilian Operations
  • Communications
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue

What Sub Divisions do you have?
We have plenty of opportunities in subdivisions to change things up from being a normal police officer.

We have Street Crimes Unit (Bait Car, Drug and Prostitution Stings), Aviation who keep up with high-speed chases in a helicopter, Bike Unit who patrol on motorcycle and S.W.A.T!

Realistic Servers Like DOJRP
Looking for an new menu based server
Server Dev Looking For A New Home
Please delete~
Looking for an RP home
I’m looking to be a BCSO Officer For A Community I Have Experience
Server Dev Looking For A New Home
Looking to re-open my fivem community, message if intrested
Experienced Leo/Emt looking for active server

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Just updated it, try that one.


Looking for active members that would like a community to join. We are currently looking for a civilian director.


We are mainly looking for civilians but of course you can still be an LEO. I will get some pictures of our cars and our soon.




I played with these guys and I have to say, for their size, the quality of role-play and their assets are amazing. Highly recommend giving them a shot.


Looking for Civilians! Join the discord



My name is Zachery Ash and I am the Civilian Director here at ACRP and I am looking for some new civilians to come join our team! If you are interested, join the discord and DM Atexx (me)!


We have a very unique and personal map. Here are some screenshots


We have just opened up Fire & Rescue due to the number of request for it.


This is a very good and fun community to play on, there server is stable and only crashes every now & then


After a busy night, we caught these 2 suspects who stole each others cars, and proceeded to chase after each other recklessly.

We are in need of more Civilians, LASD Deputies and Communication members, so if you would like to join, just join the discord and tag a member of administration!


Our 2015 Sheriff Tahoe! Apply today and you may get to drive it yourself!

Looking for a *good* Whitelisted Community

Want to give our developers a great big thank you for this custom chat.

and our handcuffs alert


2 Baller members pulled over on the highway late at night!


Police, fire and EMS helping the lifeguard save a women’s life from a drug overdose!


That’s really cool, maybe you could share your IPL research so that other servers can add this as well. Community spirit and all!


Our fire department as an amazing fleet of vehicles! Join it or other departments today!