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if you have any questions message me on Discord Name is Jake.R#0089

• Custom Vehicles
• Custom Scripts
• Friendly Staff
• We Need Members

• Los Santos Police Department
• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Blaine County Sheriffs Office
• Los Santos/Blaine County/Paleto Bay County Fire/EMS

• More coming soon…

•Hello My Name Is Jacob and i like you to join my RolePlay Community on FiveM

•Thx For Looking At My Post

Rules Of The Server
►1.) FailRP is anything breaking an RP Scenario, VDM is a Vehicle Death Match, RDM is Random Death Match
Bans by the owner WILL NOT be allowed a ban appeal

►2.) Logging out to avoid jail time is considered FailRP and will result in a 3 strike rule.

►3.) Do not cop bait. This includes ramming all the cops cars at PD and doing stupid stuff that’s obviously cop baiting. You all know what cop bait is it’s self explanatory.

►4.) Explosives are not to be used unless giving permission from an authorized admin. You must state what RP you intend to use the explosives for. This includes every weapon in the RPG category (If you do not get authorized by an admin and just blow someone up it could be considered FailRP/RDM)

►5.) No self promotion of any server, discord, or twitch/YouTube. Videos directly related to this server you may post, so we can all see and enjoy your RP

►6.) No vehicles that can fly without admin permission

►7.) No stealing emergency vehicles

►8.) Server is not controller friendly


i wouldnt give that free if i was you