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About us
This server is for everyone, that means that it’s not whitelisted. So you can just join the server without applying on the Discord. This server is based on California. The server has been up for almost a week. We have around 30 people on the Discord. We are trying to get people on the server. The server will restart when needed. That means almost no restarts. And no destroying Rp in game. All the admins is going to RP in game. (And they will not use an admin car or skin)

The response time for application is 10 hours.


To be LEO:

  • 13 years old
  • You must be able to speak a basic level of English
  • You must be able to be responsible of yourself and be independant

To be CIV:

  • Speak English
  • Working Microphone
  • Working PC xD



More trucks later on

Some of the Civ Cars

***More cars in game. And more coming.***

Leo Cars


Got almost 100+ scripts on the server!

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Server name: Life Of California RolePlay




+rep very good rp!