LESA | The Los Santos Sheriff's Department Needs YOU!


Identify yourself: every Officer has their own badge (rank and number) and name plate in game; and with 40 different characters, you can really stand out from your colleagues on the beat.


Lore friendly? We’re in the GTA universe, where Pißwasser is the beer of choice, iFruit sells you overpriced toys, and Vapid Motor Company is king. Don’t let that fool you though. Our cars may be stamped Vapid, but they’re far from boring with custom lighting, components, and a member created paint job.


The LSCP Intelligence and Investigation Service at the Sandy Shores airport after a downed helicopter call.
Want a cool car? Better salary? Longer Retirement? Join the LSCP IIS Division today!

(Detective - Josh Rodriguez, Detective - John Farheed, Detective - Pain)


Caught this here thief messing with our vehicle’s lights!

ESX? FX? Monotonous repetition? Nope… LESA Gaming focuses on role play at its purest. With scripthook enabled, anyone who joins is free to build their role play to their heart’s desire. Join us at lesagaming.com for more information; become a member of the Los Santos County Police or even as a civilian and try to talk your way out of an arrest!


Officer Aussi thought he’d impress the Sergeant by looking busy… Maybe next time he should put something on his clipboard…

Want to take part in these shenanigans? joinlesa.com




Join the movement! Fight Crime! Join LESA! (Comes with a free gun and early retirement!)


New custom & exclusive vehicles! Join us in game and check them out!

Immerse yourself in the story with custom built, lore friendly vehicles.

Enjoy server sided, synced directional light bars. Join us now. Visit www.lesagaming.com.


Are you in need of extra money, and like to sit in a nice cool AC controlled car? Join the LSCPD and work a number of overtime shifts at construction sites!


Oh the silliness you’ll find yourself involved in as a member of the LSCP!


**_The newly created District Attorney’s Investigation Bureau tests firearms used in a recent OIS. Claim your role in the investigation at joinlesa.com.


are yall still hiring


Yes sir! We have openings for all services - Fire, EMS, and the Police. Feel free to pop on our Team Speak and get some more information.


I sent in an application


The LSCPD has an amazing connection with the community.


The Los Santos County Fire Department is on scene of a vehicle in the water. The patient was extricated and transported to Sandy Shores Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.


The Sergeant wasn’t buying any crap today.


why use default gta cop cars.


Our vehicles are modified with unique lighting and other aspects to fit our group’s tastes; so they aren’t just boring stock cars with no upgrades. Our reason for using lore friendly chassis and models is to fit the world we are patrolling. We patrol and enforce laws in Los Santos, San Andreas, not Los Angeles. Plus, when you have modified police cars with default civilan cars, you stand out like a sore thumb and blow all your undercover operations. Civilians here have a very hard time telling the unmarked police apart from other cars.

Above all else, it is what our membership voted to use. Should they wish to change it, we take a vote and change it to meet the desires of those to play on our server.

I could go on for a while, but I invite you to our server to try them out for yourself.