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Join the Los Santos County Volunteer Fire Department and serve the community!


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Superintendent MSKI8877 and Officer Farheed detaining the driver of a traffic stop. Driver was released with his vehicle being towed. Don’t drive on a suspended license!


Los Santos County Fire Department is on call for you.

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Typical warrant service


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Lieutenant Frank and officer Rodriguez subdue a subject after a vehicle pursiut.


Am I seeing this right? Vanilla Cars? In FiveM? Oh my



At LESA we try to keep that original GTA V feel and look, being one of few communities with lore friendly cars. This helps optimize compatibility with members with low spec computers, as well plays a huge role within minimizing the dreadful d-sync on the server. An amazing factor though for members who stay with us will be given a custom police ped with their custom name and badge number! With anymore questions please contact me @ kadin@slushyg.ca



Senior Lead Officer


Public Information Service - Officer Incharge


FOOOUUUURRRR, years in jail after resisting arrest, and assaulting police officers!


Senora Freeway Northbound lanes shutdown after a pursuit ended with a suspect getting hit by a passing vehicle. Subject has been transported to Sandy Shores hospital.


Unit on scene at the vanilla unicorn for a drunk male refusing to pay.


Officers on scene of a shooting in the hair parlor on paleto blvd.


Don’t drive without registration. This driver walked the rest of his way home!


Tow is on scene of a 1 car MVA, car vs tree.


Officer Rodriguez debriefs colleagues after a recent Sandy Shores drug raid.


San Andreas Immigration working with the LSCP in the take down of wanted illegal immigrant "Big Tony"