LESA | The Los Santos Sheriff's Department Needs YOU!


Well I love a rainy night; I love to hear the thunder!


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Greatness awaits!


Come and patrol as a harbour unit!


Custom Vehicles Inbound!
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Officer Davies forgot his glasses. Help him file his warrant at joinlesa.com.


Well… I think I stole the wrong car.


I’m gonna bust that guy… and that guy… and that one… maybe that one… probably. Yeah.


Get paid to drink coffee & enjoy the out doors? Yeah… The LSCP does that.



New scripts and modifications being added to the server daily!
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LSCP Cops #2 is out! Check it out!


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That was the old skins, come check out the new ones!


Sometimes it is good to take a step back, observe, and take in all this great City has to offer.


This officer is going to be on foot patrol for awhile…


Keep your rigs up to code, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is always watching!


Need some pocket cash? Join the LSCP and take some overtime shifts!
Lieutenant Michael F. and Superintendent MSKI8877 are on a traffic detail on I-5.


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Engine 32 en route to a automatic fire alarm.



Hate having to keep checking the meter? Join the LSCP and you won’t have to worry!


I recommend this community to anyone that is looking for serious role play yet laid back as a community. The role play is very well constructed and formal. This community is member based, everyone’s opinion matters! They have vehicles with modifications that their members agreed upon. Their uniforms allow you to have your REAL name and badge with rank! The community’s history has been amazing, since GTA IV days they have maintained professionalism.