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San Andreas State Assembly (SASA) vote number 17 has completed, and the video with the review and results is live! Are you an active civilian on our server? Then watch this video to see what new laws were instated!


“Whenever… Where ever… You break the law, the LSCP will nail you.”




Want to see what happens on the crazy streets of Los Santos, The LSCP has approved the very first on patrol video! Watch to help you decide if the LSCP is right for you!


The County Coroner’s office is always busy & looking for qualified candidates to take on the gruesome task.


The Lieutenant was not happy with the Sergeant’s driving!


Detective III John “Dewy” Murtaegah will be missed. The Department has some big shoes to fill.


Vinewood is always safer with the LSCP around.


On land, or at sea, the LSCP is always ready!


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


The Code of San Andreas - an extensive, member built codified system of laws governing those in Los Santos.


We are always watching.


The Detective is having a meeting… or something.


Car thieves don’t stand a chance with LSCP’s Detective-Lieutenant Ling & Detective-Sergeant Kweichod on the hunt.


On patrol with Ofc. Gilje


Runaway bus? No problem. The LSCP’s got it.


Car troubles? The LSCP’s got that too!


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