LESA | The Los Santos Sheriff's Department Needs YOU!



The Sergeant and his Deputy find a dog deceased, after some shots were reported in the area.


That’s what happens when you start stealing cars off the road.


"I swear Deputy, I saw him go that way!"


Do you use custom police cars or still just normal GTA ones?


We use vehicles that were custom made for our community - they feature FedSig Valor Lightbars & FedSig SpectraLux interior lighting (as well as a few other custom made parts to fit the lore friendly vehicles). So yes, they are custom cars, but they are not “IRL models” like Ford, Chevy, etc. Makes it a bit harder to spot our unmarked cars - adding a bit of a challenge to find the cop when you’re trying to commit crime!



Deputy Jones being interviewed after being involved in a shooting.


To answer some of the questions we often receive by new & prospective members, as well as you lovely people here, we’d like to take a moment to point out some things about LESA Gaming!

Why do we use default/vanilla/lore friendly cars?

In the grand scheme, it is because our membership voted to use them over “IRL” models on several occasions. The long story behind them is they fit the world we’re patrolling - we’re in the GTA universe, working to protect (and on some occasions destroy [Hey! Sometimes shit happens]) the streets of Los Santos, not Los Angeles. The lore friendly vehicles blend in with their environment: Vapid’s got a dealership in town, not Ford; there’s billboards with pictures of the cars; it even makes our unmarked vehicles harder to spot! But, with all that in mind, our cars might be vanilla, but they’re far from boring with upgraded interiors, lighting, and other components you won’t find elsewhere.

Not a life server? No ESX? Why not!?

There is no right or wrong way to role play. Everyone has their own opinions for what is best and each have our preferred method. At LESA, we believe that role play is improvisational, dynamic, and in the moment. Role play, just like combat - and even life itself - is ever changing. To facilitate and further that belief, we are a trainer based server. This allows you to be who you want to be from the moment you join the server. So go ahead, host that car meet, shoot the asshole who cut you off, start your own business, or even join the Sheriff’s Department! Just remember, we have one of the most extensive codified legal systems on FiveM - so while there might not be a blacklist on weapons or cars, the law might have something else to say about your fire spitting, turbo’d coupe (see a sample of some of those laws below).

No mandatory training “academy” for new Sheriff’s Deputies?!

That’s correct! There is no compulsory or mandatory training academy for incoming Sheriff’s Deputies. When you apply to the group, it is YOU who interviews us on your first day. You get to ask questions about our group and we’ll explain, in depth, who we are. We will walk you through our policies and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in our group. After which, you learn as you go by partnering with an FTO who will work alongside you to make LESA Gaming fit you. There are no exams to take, no tests to pass. Just lots of fun!

Interested in joining? Have more questions? Visit www.lesagaming.com! We hope to see you in game soon!


We think it’s safe to say that our Commander does not like taking pictures.


Traffic stop on Senora Freeway which resulted in the driver being arrested and vehicle being impounded.





Deputies shut down South bound lanes after a pursuit ended on the freeway.


The Los Santos Sheriffs Department at the scene of a vehicle rollover. Surprisingly there were no injuries.


Los Santos Sheriffs Department enjoying their new fleet!


Selfie Time!


The LSSD is constantly adding vehicles into their fleet. Become a deputy and you can drive them all!


whats the age limit?