LESA | The Los Santos Sheriff's Department Needs YOU!


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Since 2010, LESA Gaming has stood proud as a group of role players who came together to patrol the streets of the GTA universe (and other games)!

What makes us different? PURE role play in its most expansive, creative form. We allow trainers so people can build up their role play the way they want to, from the start in whatever fashion they desire. There is no black list, though our laws might make certain things illegal (that’s a cop’s headache though, right?). You won’t have to run around town grinding to buy things to start an RP; we avoid the “life server” principle to allow people to create their characters & scenarios as they see fit, right from inception. Best of all, we focus on what our members want - don’t like something call for a vote and change it - it’s the very thing that changed us from the LSPD to the LSSD.

What do we offer you? The Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department will keep you busy with career paths ranging from patrol, investigations & covert ops, tactical response, and pursuit mitigation. With all this to choose from, there’s never a boring moment. More interested in keeping the cops on their toes? Join as a civilian and host a car meet, shoot that guy who cut you off, become a taxi driver, rob the 24/7, or pull the next greatest heist! Whatever you choose, the lore of Los Santos is waiting for you.

What does it take to join? Own a copy of GTA V, have or be willing to download TeamSpeak 3, speak English, and, if you want to be a police officer: be at least 16 years of age.

Ready to take the first step in joining? Visit joinlesa.com or lesagaming.com/recruitment and fill out an application! We look forwarding to seeing you in game and as part of our segment of the Thin Blue Line.


We don’t want any scrubs. If you are a sensitive pus pus just go back to crying yourself to sleep on your genitalia shaped pillow and leave it to the fake online semi professionals :fu:


A couple images from recent patrols.


Great Community, laid back but yet maintain seriousness in patrols. Members are nice & easy to make friends with. Should check them out!


Unparalleled customer service experience with this community.


Detectives are always watching… always.



Are you sick & tired of the ridiculously serious drama filled clans of yester year. Where the only chance of promotion is you don’t piss off the 14 y/o Lieutenant General Sergeant First Class, whom has 7700 hours of online policing experience.

Come over to the dark side and join LESA today!!! You want shootouts, we have them (Who doesn’t its GTA guys) you want police chases that last ridiculously long and at the end has you feeling shame, that you actually got mad at a guy running on a video game. Guess what we got it all.

What sets us apart… Everything. Look we aren’t the most serious game in town by any means we are here to have fun its a game for fuck sakes. We are comprised of a melting pot of like minded people from across the US from a prick firefighter in Texas(Me) to an L.E.O. in Virginia.

Even people from the polar grip of Canada to a guy in Australia who has to fight off black mambas and knife wielding koala bears just to get online. If you haven’t noticed in the pictures we have a crime spree taking place and we have lost 6 officers. Its all out war on the police and We Need You, To Not Be A Pussie and come fight for the Thin Blue Line.

Lastly no offense but just because they made a TV show about it doesn’t make you cool. Fuck AST…

Be cool… Its just a joke.


Aren’t You tired of this crap!!!
We are equal opportunity kill the fuck out of scum bags. Organized crime no problem!!! Bullets don’t lie. Become part of our gang unit and eradicate these low life fucks with extreme prejudice. ( Following the use of force policy of course… Guy with gun= Shoot. Guy without gun = taze & beat.)
Ohh look the lost!!!

Lost the fight with the Los Santos County Police.

We are Also active in our high crime communities…(High Crime meaning scum bag gang bangers)

Another Successful patrol… Interested Join Us Now. www.joinlesa.com

Disclaimer: These aren’t necessarily the views of anyone. It is a Government diagnosed fact RUMBLE is 80% crazy just ask Veterans Affairs. 1-800-Fuck-You. Also only a few dogs were harmed in the making of this advertisement. Gang banger dogs!!!


New vehicles and scripts! check us out at Lesagaming.com/recruitment !


Tired of the law getting in your way? Create bills and set precedence! Wanna mess with a cop through legal shenanigan? Sign up today.


best laid back community out there


With “Senora One” - one of the LSCP’s five helicopters - your six is always covered!




Our server is always public so anyone can join in on the fun! Find “LESAGaming.com - LSCP Patrol” on the server list!


30 Active Members!
Join Us @ http://www.lesagaming.com/


Equipped with a custom build web based MDT/CAD


TIred of being the same old first responder day after day? Here at LESA Gaming, members are given the option to utilize their creative side to come up with role play scenarios as a civilian and give those pesky cops a run for their money. With 20+ weapons at your immediate disposal and another 60+ cars to play with, the choice is yours as a civilian in LESA Gaming!


Violate the law and the law will violate you!