*Legit version, Cache outdated*


I cannot launch five reborn on my computer even though i have a legit steam version perma-banned though

cannot determine GTA V update version but assumed at latest
Windows 10 Pro insider preview 64-bit build 14986
No Log for error
pictures will follow
PICS - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwfWwUjh5pQFSkVvRnJON0JuVnM


mpbiker and patchday12ng seem to be missing.

Try verifying the game cache using Steam! :tangerine:


your gta v folder needs to be clean, no mods, no anything wich is not there normally


I have the same problem, CD version


l thanks, will do
side note: are ENBs usable?


run the game and let it update?


Uh, I think I saw some tutorial for ENBs but you should try without it first.


OK, I replaced it with a fresh original clean GTA V backup (to save time) and validated. After that, it works, thanks.


Please Help Me ! http://imgur.com/a/zxWdG :sweat::sob:



1- My GTA V is up to date .
2-Yes.it’s legit copy .
How I can disable Anti-virus that’s come with W10?
cahes.xml not working else


nao consigo acessar o five M por causa de um erro