Legit RP is looking for new members!


LegitRP is a fairly new community looking to build its numbers. We have custom cars, TS, Discord, website, custom scripts, CAD/MDT and more! We are a “vanilla” style server which means that we are not running an economy. We use trainers, and you are not limiting your RP experience by having to eat/drink or work in game.

Our current departments include State Police, Fire/EMS, Civilian and Dispatch, with plans on growing the departments as we grow in size. We also have our own help desk so that we may assist with FiveM, client files, Steam and GTAV issues. If this sounds like a group that you would like to check out please check out our website and feel free to join our discord and meet us to see if you would like it here.

Website- http://legitrp.com/index.php

Discord- https://discord.gg/dMPcdyg