LEB - GTA V Roleplay server (Custom CAD) (Serious Roleplay) (Custom Website)


Hello FiveM GTA V Roleplayer I hope you are doing well!!

I hope you can take the time to read through this detailed summary of our community and consider joining us, were are simply a bunch of friendly people just looking to grow our community and get bigger patrols!!

A small bit about us and what we do!!
Allow me to quickly introduce myself, I am Luke C. 1B-1 and I am the Chief of LSPD alongside being an Administrator for LEBRP. We are in fact a serious roleplay server which mean yes we do have the basic boring rules nobody really likes but it would be impossible to run a good server without them (anyway they are just common sense which we hope you have). Were all here to work together, nobody is better than anyone else here were all equal and you should expect to be treated so!

At the moment we tend to have organised patrol 3/4 times a day with around an average of 8 people attending each patrol but our goal is to get to the point where we can do 24/7 statewide roleplay rather than selected areas every time.

Applying for a position into the community
Your first step is to join our discord https://discord.gg/zCAhRwb but we will be having a website coming out soon to apply on. Here you can apply for Civilian, LEO, LSFD/BCFR and Communications department. To apply we have a few very basic groundlines that you need: A legal copy of GTA V, FiveM, a working non-earrape microphone, discord (upcoming TeamSpeak), common sense and a the ability to have fun. We organise a simple five to ten minute interview with you and one of our interview staff and if you manage to impress them enough to get accepted you become a recruit and your FTO will train you until you progress onto being a probationary officer/trooper/deputy.

Call departments have done a temporary merge into SASP until we gain more members so we have a strong chain of command, ALL MEMBERS have or will be required to re apply and re interview to remake placements in the SASP

Key features of our server for you to look forwards to:

  • Custom LEO vehicle skins
  • We allow certain trainers but we more commonly use the Lambda menu
  • /loadout command to get all your weapons and tools equipped quickly
  • S.O.P.'s for all departments and vehicle structures for you to follow
  • Basic rules in case you aren’t sure on what common sense is
  • A brilliant staff team to help you at any time that you may need and to moderate the chat at all time
  • Second discord with all commands, spawn codes and help to be the best roleplayer you can
  • Custom spawner menu for civilian vehicles to save you time and let you set up scenes quicker
  • /me, /911, /ooc, /tow, /tweet and more
  • /emote with many fantastic high quality emotes
  • Laws strictly enforced during patrols
  • FULLY CUSTOM CAD courtesy of out development team with many features including a map with postals on for our communications department and a cheat sheet for 10-codes in case you forget
  • Regular meetings and trainings to improve the community as a whole
  • Great media team to keep you updated at every time and to advertise for the server
  • Chain of command
  • High end Ladder trucks and more fire utility for our fire departments
  • Tow truck script

Future Updates?
Well to keep a server up u need updates right? So we have some very ofter, as in we release new civilian cars EVERY WEEK to keep roleplay new.
We have a brilliant website coming out very soon!!
New fleet of LEO vehicles in the upcoming week or two.
And of course some great new roleplay!

Little bit of an insight!!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and consider it, I just want to make you aware of our social media pages it would be great if you could follow and share the word!!

YouTube Channel coming soon with videos every other day!

I hope to see you all soon and I invite you all to LEB RP any time!! Just join through here to apply! https://discord.gg/zCAhRwb

Kind Regards
Luke C. 1B-1 | LSPD Chief | Server Admin
And of course the whole of LEBRP!!


Bump 16/3/2018 21:16

Welcome to those who joined and we hope to see more of you soon!!


Bump 17/3/2018 18:43

Huge update with department merge and beta release of the teamspeak server, website to be up in the upcoming days!!


Bump 19/03/19 18:15, community growing by the day come join us and rp!!


Bump 21/03/2018 21:37

Growing a lot recently maybe you can join?


This invite is not working properly. Just a note. I would like to join, but yes, invite is a problem per say


Well it should be working just try this for now if it doesnt work, i just checked and the invite is valid


Do you have an invite code, the links ain’t working?


Not sure why, ill look into it, whats your discord name/tag ill DM u one




Bump 26/3/18 17:01

Growing by the daily, sorry if links didn’t work someone deleted them all