Law Enforcement Lifestyle

Law Enforcement Lifestyle is a unique FiveM Roleplay Community. Here You will find a different aspect of role-playing you won’t only have Police role-play. You can find Role-play’s ranging from Emergency Services to people owning their own shops to people buying a house etc. We strive to make sure that life role play is what we are about. also are you tired of drama? we don’t put up with it at all. or even the moment you’re trying to RP and suddenly a Semi or a car of some sort comes flying out of nowhere and VDM you, or even RDM. Well Come join us today at Law enforcement lifestyle! Where we love to RP and Have MAJOR FUN stop in anytime!


  • 200+ custom cars
  • Active admins
  • Active leo / fire / ems (also hiring for all departments)
  • Custom sandy tow yard
  • Custom scripts
  • Fuel script etc.


  • Los Santos Police Dept.
  • Los Santos Fire & EMS
  • Blaine County Sheriff
  • San Andreas HighWay Patrol

Discord Server -
FiveM Server IP -

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