Latency Error, frame time warning!


I use these resources but I have big latency error on my server and on the server console I have this Info: GameServer::ProcessServerFrame: Frame time warning: server frame took XXXXmsec,
I think this is a problem with essential mod or es_roleplay. I have tried to start the server just with mapmanager, es_roleplay, chat fivem-map-skater, spawnmanager but it’s the same.
Thank you


UP :tennis:



Do you found a solution?
I’ve the same problem, with a big desynchro ingame.



The problem is your using way too many SQL queries. The entire console is full of them. Reduce resources that use them and keep queries to a minimum. There is no need for ES to save money every 60 seconds.


Ok Thank you.

For the money i 'll put all 5min. i think its ok!

but for reduce the other ressources at minimum, i must delete some table?


No @elmander666 I didn’t find a solution but I have bought a new vps with a better hardware and It reduce latencie.
I have had a 2 vcpu and 2 go ram and now I have a 4 vCPU and
RAM 5 Go but I don’t know if It’s powerful enough ^^
What is the cpu of your server and how much ram have you ?
Sorry for my english but I am a baguette. :sunglasses: