Lambda vehicle spawn crash


2nd vehicles spawned via lambda menu causes crash below. Simple trainer not affected. Started happening since FiveM update from yesterday. Tested by multiple people on different servers with different vehicles (addon vs. vanilla).


[Release] Lambda Menu

I had that same issue to. You may have 1, A bad computer or 2, You need to clear out you cache.


Definitely not 1 and 2 didn’t help. Everything was working perfectly fine prior to the FiveM update. Then two of my friends and I started immediately having this same problem. Hmm.


My server is having the issue aswell, Our computers aren’t bad and we’ve tried deleting our cache. I think FiveM just broke something in their development path :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you try asking in the Lambda Menu topic? perhaps they need to update it to take whatever changes that were made into account.


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