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LA County RP History/Future:

Asbonia, the Community Director has been around the RP scene for quite some time. Starting back in SAMP, eventually running multiple RP servers on various games. LA County RP strives for perfection, enjoyment, and a long-lived environment in which players can enjoy whenever they hop into the server. LA County RP is currently in beta. Meaning, we are looking for players who want to join the community, in which are serious about roleplay and understand what it takes to provide a unique experience for not only themselves but those around them.

LA County RP Opportunities:

Civilian: Civilian is the universal role one plays while roleplaying. This means it’s up to you to decide what kind of character you want to play. As a civilian you are not tied down to anything. Pick your job and character story then roleplay it out and have a great time! Obviously not everything is going to be okay in terms of roleplay characters. Make sure you read the Community Rules and Regulations before starting a character.

LEO: Becoming an LEO or Law Enforcement Officer within the community can take some time. All LEOs are expected to be able to learn, handle, and understand different scenarios when something happens ingame.

EMS: EMS within LA County RP is a very important job. One in which requires every member of the team to be alert, understanding, and able to communicate with one another, as well as the public. EMS respond to each and every medical call as quick as they can.

LA County RP Features: We are always open to player suggestions. Making the community a more fun environment for those involved is our top priority. LA County RP has some unique features and plenty more to come!

Seasonal Dynamic Scenery

We don’t want to spoil the fun! Come join us and take a look for yourself


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