La confrerie-rp



Name of the Server: LA CONFRERIE-RP

Good friendly atmosphere
Website address:

La Confrérie-RP

Visit the post for more. (Real Estate Agency)
Discord Address:

You are interested in producing a RP game on a serious server with a present and responsive staff.
You are streamer or ambitious to live a unique experience in a welcoming community.
We will be very happy to count you among our loyal players.

Lists of Features:

A Whitelist
A phone (add contact, service, anonymous message)
A bank (deposit, withdrawal)
An inventory (consume, give away, throw away)
A personalized menu system
A speedometer
Speed ​​regulator
Private trades (FBI, Benny’s, Wazel News, LSPD, LSMS, Mechanic, Taxi, Bank, …)
Public trades (Couturier, Lumberjack, Miner, Fisherman, …)
Secondary professions (hunting, missions for some private trades, …)
Of the illegal (Drugs [variables], Whitening)
Apartments (safe, cloakroom …)
A dealer (multiple choice of car and motorcycle)
An insurance system
Hairdressers and barbers
A Los Custom (Understanding Tunning and Managed by Mechanics)
A possibility to save your outfits
A license of weapon and car (In form Item)
A complete customization of your character
Bunkers (in evolution)
Job FBI Complete.
Custom Loadingscreen
The staff:

A dedicated DEV (open to the proposals of the players)
Reactive Admins and Moderators