KNRP now accepting new members



Tired of bouncing from server to server just to get killed by non rp players. Well your days have changed. Come check out KNRP. full time rp we have friendly and fun people here to play and RP. With a white-listed server in the works you and your friends can come here and feel free to have fun. we are hiring for EMS, POLICE (all departments hiring fill out the application off of the web page. Please fill it out fully and not just say i want to be a cop or your application will not be consider. ) FIRE DEPARTMENT or if you just want to mess around CIV. Here at KNRP we know and understand the player matters. Thats why we have two moderators and 4 admins to help with any of your needs please also read the rules to the server, depending on the violation of the rules you can and be banned. already have a dedicated server? check us out anyways, we love to have random RP join us in the server. Have fun and see you soon!
Hope to see you soon
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