Knight Rider Kitt 6.0


NEW KITT CAR / is this car work and sound?



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Just stream the car model from the server then install the sound on client. The scripts for KITT will not work, i think.


@Eric can car work if i put it in FiveReborn\citizen\platform\levels\gta5\vehicle ?


@Eric i mean if i not Create server - can i do this > FiveReborn\citizen\platform\levels\gta5\vehicle and place them there or?


@Eric It does. Hit Num+ in a Dominator or Ruiner and glhf. I changed ALL_VEHICLES in the ini to TRUE because I like my Ingot to have Turbo Boost and shit.


@Rstein are car working if i place them in folder gta5\vehicle ?


@HUNTERMASTRO24 said in Knight Rider Kitt 6.0:

@Rstein are car working if i place them in folder gta5\vehicle ?

Haven’t tried that, I only use the Ingot.


@Rstein what is ingot?


If you dont have a server, I believe you can just install the car mod through openiv or something. Not too sure though.


@kanersps do you know somthing about this? install KITT with openIV? only car also


@HUNTERMASTRO24 A station car by Vulcar ingame, which I have a bit of a unironic hard-on for :^)


@Rstein can i install CAR WITH OPEN IV ? KITT CAR? AND How i do it?


OpenIV won’t work. Don’t use it,


@kanersps so how can i install cars? drop them in levels\gta5\vehicle ??


@HUNTERMASTRO24 i think this is what you wanted to know


@EPPS I look at ruiner but it says ''goes in patchday 2 folder IS IT > patchday2ng OR patchday2bng


@HUNTERMASTRO24 the just copie in all folders.




@HUNTERMASTRO24 just look for it. In one of those.
Am not on a PC right now.