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My name is Trace Southard and I am the proud owner of the KillersRP. What I am trying to do is create a server that everyone is excited to roleplay on. Anyone can join currently and can roleplay as a civilian or a criminal. To roleplay as a cop please apply by clicking the link in our discord server(KillersRP Discord). Come and join our friendly fivem server and have fun growing our community with me!

Just type KillersRP into the search bar.:joy:

From 4:30 MTN to 8:00 MTN are our times currently.


Is it Simple RP, is it KillersRP is it Nothing Special?

I’m so confused with the lack of information here this makes me lack the motivation to spend any time wasting my life away on your typical RP server.

That being said, no matter how I search the list for you server - it’s not there. So…kind of a useless post here.


I’m trying to help you but clearly…you need more help then one can ever provide.

I’ll go pick on someone my own size I suppose… @IllusiveTea where you at babes!?


Hahaha this server ad is a joke. Another 0/32 server where all you can do is drive around on a script taken from the internet.