Kaspersky detects Fivem as a Trojan

I woke up and I tried to launch FiveM but Kaspersky said CitizenFx.exe.new and Fivem.exe is Trojan.win32.badur and it deletes automatically. I deactivated Kaspersky and reinstalled Fivem. I launched it I played for 5 mins or thereabouts. I quit and I tried to launch Google Chrome and I saw a message tells me You don’t have the permission to do that. I tried to launch Task manager and it was the same. I launched Kaspersky’s full scan and restarted the pc and the issue was gone. I want an explanation. I want to play FiveM while Kaspersky is running and without any problems.

Go contact ‘Kaspersky’ for an explanation. It’s impossible for FiveM to even hook into the system deep enough to cause browsers to not work anymore.


Malwarebytes also sees this as TROJAN virus and deletes it and fivem still works so iam fine with it

Then add the fivem folder to exceptions.