KaosRoleplay | Serious RP | Economy | Hiring Whitelisted Police/EMS/Mechanics/Real Estate | Legal & Illegal Jobs/Lifestyles | Custom Drug | Custom Vehicles/Imports | Properties | Robberies | Active Developers/Admin Team

For great roleplay opportunities, make your dreams into becoming a reality.
Welcome to the Kaos Roleplay world!
Join our website! https://www.kaosrp.co.uk/
Join and say hi on our Discord! https://discord.gg/bkpBJdf
Challenge everything in game! Direct connect: connect in your FiveM client!

A bit about us, were a young FiveM server with constant development and new updates happening every week. We have a team of over 15 staff who work around the clock to make sure you have the best GTARP experience. The Kaos community had migrated from other games to purely focus on our FiveM server for the interest of the public. We hope that by playing with us you will thoroughly enjoy your experience and continue to support us!

KaosRoleplay Key Features we have are:

  • Multiple Characters. Up to 4 Characters
  • State Police’s
  • EMS’s
  • Lawyers
  • Drugs. Hidden Around the map
  • Phones - With Calls & Texts & GPS
  • Gangs - Mafia & Syndicate
  • Mechanics - Benny’s Auto Shop
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Weekly Events
  • Many More…

Some Screenshots KaosRoleplay we have are:


Bump <3

Nice stable server, awesome community, dedicated staff that actually listens to the players complaints and sugestions and acts on them. I have been roleplaying in Kaos pretty much since it’s start and i havent looked at other servers since.

If your looking for somewhere to start your new RP life i definitly recomend giving KaosRP a try, you most likely wont regret it.

If you decide to join up, you can go look for John at Benny’s, give me a Hey what’s up and well go from there, cya in the city :wink:

  • John
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Bumperino <3

Discord Updated

Thank you <3


Server is al ot of fun, staff are very quick to sort out problems that players are having in game.
The community is small at the moment but everyone in it is super chill and committed to the server.


Thanks buddy glad you enjoy it, new update is out today check the discord out, updates out pretty much every week

bump bump

Thanks buddy

Played this server since it has opened up. It’s great fun. Well worth giving it a try!

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always love @DubPhobia

We’re currently working on our new eco system and going back to whitelist, stay in touch with our website and discord to find all our updates new scripts and development of current ones <3

Server has had some great updates recently, if your looking for a stable server with a great array of activities then this could be the one for you.

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Brand new update out guys, 60 new imports, new garage system, black market drops, new motel system and LSPD and EMS changes