Welcome to Just Car Meets FiveM, a completely new experience!

What do we offer? How are you so different?

Well, our server is for the car enthusiasts out there, we allow a different type of roleplay than all the other FiveM servers out there. Our roleplay is focus completely on cars. Car Meets, Racing, Drag Racing, cruises , selling cars is all we do. This server is for anyone that has a passion for cars, and wants to be around other players that share the same interests.

  • Custom discord bot, used for Just Car Meets discord server only.

  • Custom cars being added often. (At time of post there is 193)

  • Custom Scripts

  • Nitro Script with purging

  • Undercover police cars (for the people that want to crash the party’s)

  • Friendly Community

  • Your Own Crews: Create your own crews and get a discord role created for your crew!

  • Public Server!

  • A drag strip

  • Must be at least 13 years old

  • Must have a working mic

  • We ask for active members!

  • Knowledge of FiveM

  • Legal Copy of GTA V

We have multiple positions open in Just Car Meets, that all relate to helping the server, and making sure the server runs smoothly. The current positions we are looking for are:

  • Staff Team: Apply for the staff team, You will begin as a Junior Moderator, And you can work your way up the ranks!

    Ranks currently avaliable in the staff team are:

    • Junior Moderators
    • Moderator
    • Adminisrator
    • Senior Administrator
    • Staff Manager
    • Community Manager
  • Helpers: People that help out the discord community, and answer any questions that members have about the server. Kind of like a discord moderator, but without the powers.

  • Event Organisers: Players that are active in game, and want to host events like car meets, and races. You are the kind of people that like to get the party started!

  • Active Members! One of the most important things we are looking for. You can make the community what it is, You can make the car community of FiveM what it should be. What are you waiting for? Come join the movement!

The server owner is always adding in new cars and scripts, so you can have a better experience. But, the server owner relies on your car requests. So if you want a certain car in the server, then put it in the discord, and they will try there best to get it in as soon as possible! This also applies for buildings, so if you want a car dealership put in the server, then the owner will make it happen.

FULLY PUBLIC! Yes, we are finally fully public! Simply join through the server list, or use our direct connect IP. If you would like to use custom cars, all the spawn codes and descriptions will be in the discord server, so I recommend joining that.

I hope that this advert has convinced you to join our server, we appreciate all the support we get, and hope to see you in the server!

Discord: https://discord.gg/3mxRRgJ

Server name: Search Just Car Meets on the server list

Server ip: Use >ip in the discord server

Owner Of Just Car Meets. Nexxon.

We have already recruited 2 new staff members, and there are still slots! Also needing new members, so come join for a completely new experience!

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Already accepted 10 people into the whitelist, we need more!

Over 100 cars now, come join!

Just added 25 new vehicles. Have 10+ players whitelisted in 3 days! Come join!

We need your vehicle suggestions! Join today!



No longer whitelisted!




Best server yet, Really helps. Cheers Man

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Pending approval by elements.

One main issue is: name. https://fivem.net/terms Section: Representation.


Growing fast, come join!