Just asking


Do I actually need a computer to rp, why can’t I use my Xbox one s


You can RP wherever whenever you want. Just not on FiveM.

FiveM is not supported on Console, Modding, in general, isn’t supported on a console. On GtaV that is.

So YES you need a computer to RP on a FiveM Server.


But…but…but I’ve always wanted to rp on fivem


Then get a computer! :smiley: :mascot:


Sooo…if I buy a computer, do I need to spend any more money???


I mean you will have to buy GTA… Legit.


I can’t put Xbox gta in the computer


No. You need a good computer capable of running GTA with a computer version of GTA.


Its beginning to look alot like trolling… err i mean Christmas! :thinking::mascot:


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