.json to ymap black boxes


Is there away around the black boxes that are on the trees after converting from json to ymap i have 3ds max 2012 and addons needed but i dont know to much about it is there any other way around it ?


Like I told you in PM. The black boxes have nothing to do with the conversion process as textures and models aren’t manipulated what so ever.

So you may need to edit the textures and change the trees from dxt1 to dxt5 to add transparency.


they do, you’ll have to set some flags in the archetype if models are currently relying on alpha testing


yeah i know i tried it manually and it fixed the road issue and from dxt1 to dxt5 seems to simple to fix it but ill give it a go :slight_smile:


sadly dxt5 didn’t work :confused:


Any documentation on flags? I can’t find a thing.


to retain legacy .json behavior:

  • specialAttribute = 31
  • flags |= 0x10000 (or, in decimal, +65536)


Thanks @barium.

@OXMODD3R I will apply an update to my program and PM you with a test build tomorrow to see if it fixes your issue.


yeah sweet bro thanks guys :slight_smile: