JSFour-ATM (English Translation)


Can use any pin code now. Doesn’t matter what you enter.


Did the update today get withdrawn? I just redownloaded the file and it still is requiring the PIN code of “1111” to be entered in order to do any transaction.


Just uploaded the file again. Fixed it now sorry about that.




Error loading script server.lua in resource jsfour-atm-master: server.lua:12: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘ESX’)
stack traceback:
server.lua:12: in main chunk



weird when i try to hit close to back out of the atm i get frozen and cant do anything

stuck here

also it lets me take out a negitive amount of money from my bank?


Please make an issue on the github. I only translated the code for release for English speaking people.


You’ve installed it wrong. Did you install the sql file?


Very Nice.

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Hey, transfers doesnt seem to be going through, not sure why


there nothing on his git for me to report a bug too. but if u try it out for urself idk if imy just broke but when i close the atm screen or hit cancel it brakes completely


No where to report? Just make an issue? You can’t make an issue on a forked git

You’re probably using the wrong name of the resource, that’s why you’ll get stuck. It can’t have any other name than jsfour-atm


i was using jsfour-atm-master cause it came that way
i will change it over thank you


Possible to get a first time use prompt to set pin number? :slight_smile:


Oh usually the best bet is to remove master from them, keep the master as backup :slight_smile:


Can you translate it to VRP ?


When I’m in the bank, and press E, nothing happens, but ATM’s working great.
Somebody help pls :smiley:

edit: nvm, I just missed .sql file import… xD


does this work for couchDB


Im having trouble everytime i close it out i cant move or do anything


amm its freezing :frowning: