Join tHE WaCK PaCK 2.0 RP Server



Welcome to the Newest Server on FiveM and one of the best. We offer Custom savable Car Mods, Stock Gta Cars, 3 Drug Jobs (Coke, Meth and Opium) Legal jobs are Chicken, Miner, Taxi (Uber) , Mechanic, Fishing. Weed is a Legal job but there will be fines if caught for being an Unlicensed Marijuana Grower and for Tax Evasion. All Drug jobs are on the Map but for the 3 illegal jobs @ police must be online. Houses and Apartments are for Lease or Sale thru a realitor. Barbershop and Clothing stores have alot of options. Weekly Events and Contests, Monthly T-shirt give-a-way on our discord channel Police and EMS are whitelisted but we are HIRING for both.


Moved to #server-development:server-bazaar


Can One of you send me the discord code because the one in the link doesn’t work and I need to talk to a high ranking staff member ASAP


Can someone please help I was banned for legit no reason and can’t join the discord


Sorry for the spam but I really like server and I was banned for not having a mic even when I replied to an admin my steam name is Nigel Farage I have sent one of you guys a friend request so please message me ASAP. I really wanna speak to someone so I can play again and also I can’t connect to your discord so thats why I am talking on here.


Yeah I really liked the server too but I got banned for failing RP once. No warning, nothing. Its kind of fucked up to be honest.


I cant find where can ı clean dirty money helppp


Hello, I was wondering if someone could send me a updated link to the discord?

~Thanks: MitchTwigs

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