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Hello, I am the creator and developer of CivLife RP, CivLife has been in developement for the past month I myself have been working on the server for a community of my friends and others who enjoy it and it still gets updated every day, we strive to provide the best experince for our community with public changelogs on the discord and an insite on changes and features to come in the future, I am by far not the most amazing coder out there but I do know a few things so I’ve been working on this for the past month and have been doing this entire server on my own, if you’d like to join you can feel free to read below and check out the screenshots as well as the basic run down on CivLife.

Is This server for you?
If you are into serious roleplay such as building a story for your character meeting new people and making a name for yourself in a city then this is the place for you we are not looking for people who are simply down to just make the most money kill the most cops and cause crime to go up.

What does this server have to offer?
We strive to provide a realistic feel for our server we have Judges for court cases jobs such as Lawyers we also have owners of societies gangs available as well we have Police positions open as well as many other positions I am always Actively working on improving the server as well as getting feedback from our community.

- Selling drugs to NPC
- Drug Gathering
- Business buildings for sale
- Public Garages
- Personal Garages (For Cars you do not own)
- Dirty Money Go Postal (Clean Money)
- Court Cases
- Custom Societies
- Life Invader
- Court Room
- Judges Positions
- Lawyers
- Properties (Own a House)
- Trunk Inventory (Car Trunk Space
- Rental Cars
- Interigation Rooms
- Phone Calling (Voice Calls)
- Active Developers & Updates
- Custom Jobs
- $2,500 Start up cash

About CivLife
CivLife RP was created with serious RP in mind, which means you have a character and you play out that character create your own story develope relationships create conflicts and even resolve conflicts but all in all we strive for everyone to have fun, We are not a server that takes lightly to those who choose to RDM, VDM, or disobey our New life rule, Our rules are pretty self explanatory with it being a Serious RP Server we have them listed on our website, if you are interested in joining we require you to check them out so there is no issues with lack of knowledge of the rules, again we strive to provide the best RP experince one could ask for and will continue to do so.

Notable CivLife Unique Features
Now with thousands of other servers out there its hard to stand out from the rest and we try to do so as much as possible whether that be a few changes to the menus to adding our own twist on features or simply creating our very own, Below I will provide you with screenshots of some simple things you can see on CivLife that you may see on other servers and or may not we do not claim to be unique or the best but our community of dedicated roleplayers is really what drives us.

Create Identity on Load In
Once you load in you will be greeted with the following screen here you can read a little about whats required and you can fill in your characters Passport.

Choose a Destination when returning

Public & Personal Garages w/ Extra Feature
Like every city there needs to be a garage so we of course have a garage feature but we also have a personal garage for those who see a car on the street and maybe want to put it in their garage for later to keep as well as a feature to retrieve other cars of their own that may be impounded and they can retrieve these cars inside their personal garage as well.

Public Garage

Personal Garage 1 of 3

Trunk Inventory

Court Room

Money Laundering Go Postal
I’ve developed my own Money Laundering Go Postal System that you can use to wash your dirty money in return to get clean money with this feature you are able to take that money you get from selling drugs to NPC’s and get it clean, This feature has been worked on by myself and has been improved and continues to be improved as well as other features we have.
You can find the Release here (Should modify it to your own liking)


and much more
We have new features added and changes made to improve the server and experince for our community every day and all changes and updated are viewable on our discord we are 100% Transparent on changes and are always looking for our communities feedback and suggestions on new features to come and new features added.

Why Join CivLife
If you are interested in a fun Serious RP Community then you have found the place we do not condone a play to win mentality and we encourage everyone to be unique and get involved in roleplay, the main reason I believe our roleplay is so enjoyable is simply because the size of our community and the size continues to grow, we have previously been whitelisted and do plan on adding whitelist back again in the future currently we are non whitelisted if you are interested in joining CivLife you can do so by joining our Forums below and you can find all the information you need on CivLife in our Announcements on how to connect to basic controls and more!

Join CivLife Today! Register on our forums for connection information and you can also apply for jobs on our forums as well
Forums: http://civlife.net
Discord: https://discord.gg/HNcGftj

🔥 [ESX] Money Laundering GoPostal [New][Updated 9/11/18]
[ESX+VRP] The Auto Repair Shop [RELEASE] [V1.5][1/16/2019]
[ESX] CivLifeRP Character Registration V1.4 [2/8/2019][ESX_Identity][Release]

Nice logo you go there ._.


yea Really Liked your design, :smiley: It was based off your loading screen that was released but then I switched and just stuck with the design

does it bother you my dude? I mean I can get a graphics designer to do me up one Just really liked the simplicity of it

Edit: I changed the logo now


It’s my company logo, so yes, please remove it ._.

Officially it’s under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, but in my loadingscreen I haven’t added the license.


how can i apply for police?


On our Forums :slight_smile: There is an application you can fill out and submit right on the forums once you register.


Just updated the entire post added additional information requested as well as a few more screenshots.


The one and only Admin assigns himself anything he wants and causes players to complain and he then complains about people complaining to him! PLAYERS BEWARE! 0/10 server.


We’ve Rebranded the server and its under better management.


Assistant Chief Selena Paige here from CivLife! Not to be biased but we have a pretty solid police department here. Though we do need to work on looking both ways before crossing the street. https://youtu.be/knTAHODHw8w?t=41 :rofl:

Mechanics are awfully strict with people that forget to feed the meter. :hushed:

The Lost president prefers cuddles to fighting. :blush:


We have a fair number of NA based players and could use more EU players to fill out the server throughout the day. :slight_smile:


For those that enjoy medical RP you will get a kick out of how immersive the Mount Zonah hospital is. There are several recovery rooms, a break room, locker room, reception and waiting area. Plus a surgery room and lab.