Join Alameda County Roleplay Now!



Hello, Everyone

My name is Joshua T and I am the owner of a new menu based roleplay server for fivem.
The server has been in development for the past 2 weeks, and I am proud to announce that it is now up and running, ready for your roleplaying needs.

The server is state wide roleplay, with a wide array of departments patrolling the entire state. This means you can effectively go and roleplay wherever you would like.

We have 330 cars that are modded to look like real life cars. We don’t lie and we hope you guys come on the server and see what we are about and see if we can make it more successful for you when it comes to roleplaying.

We are actively recruiting for:

LAPD - Open

CHP - Open

LASD - Open

Border Patrol - Open


Staff - Open

For more information Please use the following links below.

You can apply for staff and emergency services on our website.

Discord -

Website -

Kind regards,
Joshua T.