It leads to vertex 65534, when there are only 32 vertices


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Is there anyway to disable the auto blocking of vehicles? Never had an issue with this vehicle that now will not load.


our metrics indicate otherwise.


And thats fine, but being able to still use this vehicle should be an option. Shouldn’t it be a feature to disable this auto checking?


Curious, why would you want to use broken models that cause the client to eventually crash? Doesn’t this lead to a poorer experience for your players and potentially lead to them finding a new server that doesn’t crash them out?

No… Why would you want to disable something that fixes an issue? That doesn’t sound like a feature anyone would ever want to implement into their program. It’s counter-productive and would just lead to your players crashing because of the problems with the models.

As far as I understand, this fix to FiveM exposed a flaw in the software people use to create their models. Allowing them to tell the other developers of said flaws so they can fix them (who knows, someone in the community might even be able to fix them). That is who you need to be talking to, the creators of the modeling software, not the FiveM devs.


The reason this is being brought up is we rarely had any crash related issues. Therfore blocking a model not seeming to have any effect on our players experiences sucks.

So, now having to change some of our vehicles around because of this is stupid. I could understand if it caused a problem, but being in game 3+ hours with not one crash does not exactly scream “fix me”.

Ultimately, having the ability for people to disable this option even to find flaws in vehicles seems reasonable. Almost like an antivirus in the sense you can still allow files through if you please.


But, that’s not what the element is saying “our metrics indicate otherwise”. Seeing as they can see crash metrics for servers, I’m inclined to believe their words that your players were having issues over yours. Just because no-one is reporting the issue to you, doesn’t mean that no-one is crashing. They could just have “crash fatigue” and can’t be bothered to report it (after all, they can get another hour of gameplay just by restarting).

Just because you’ve not experience this, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. From what I can tell, the devs were seeing a shit ton of crashes related to this problem so, a fix was needed. Even an element said (not exactly as I can’t find the quote) “The number of crashes related to this has gone down from 90% [can’t remember but, it was a high percentage] to 0% after the fix” so, this has fixed the issue.


Don’t really think you are understanding my point. There shouldn’t be an issue with allowing people to disable this function for development purposes. I’m not even going to attempt to explain this any further, considering I have a private server its easy to tell who crashes and who does not. Sadly, now I need to change out vehicles we enjoyed and were fine with the small issue it apparently created.


yea ive got a server as well and some vehicles i used before are now getting these sort ov crashes no biggie tho cause it tells me which vehicle causes it so i remove and replace with something else weird tho cause i was able to use it before without crashes


It’s not that I don’t understand why they did it either, just there were many cases were there were no problems occurring and now they are apparently the biggest problem.


Can we please have a tutorial or explaination to what is wrong with the vehicles please?

I have been in contact with Oleg, the person that creates zmoddeler 3, and he hasn’t been able to see a problem with the cars and what a fix could be.

Please shead some light on a fix for content creators thanks.


I am finding through trial and error that alot of the dodge ram builds are haveing this issue. is there a way to fix the vertex issue on our own? If so how? and can someone do a tut on it so we can fix some of our favorite vehicles that before the update were ok, but now cause the issue.


I’ve gotta be honest, I agree with everything @Proportionality said. Many vehicles, I have had not a single issue with. Now, I’m getting a crash for something that wasn’t crashing me in the first place, I was just talking about this problem earlier, it’s our problem to fix or remove vehicles that are causing issues. I believe that it should be an option to disable this check. I have seen this error more frequently with Ambulances, and Aircraft, which are both used quite often on my community.

I completely understand that there have been many crash issues that people have been frustrated with, and come on here to complain about. Which is why you can fix both problems by offering an optional crash check, like that one that we are experiencing here, that by default is turned on, but has the option to be turned off.

Or an even BETTER idea is to make it so you can make a vehicle WHITELIST, and have specific vehicles bypass the check. Some people care more about gameplay, or a more interesting and custom experience or have servers that they mess around on, ECT.


Or you can simply re-export the model with a newer version of ZModeler3, assuming it will import without crashing (or silly ‘lock’ stuff), which fixed this particular issue (yes, this was a legitimate bug in ZModeler!). There’s no such thing as ‘not crashing’ with these vehicles, for example most crashes involving them happened when the vehicle was long offscreen.

So far, checking each server owned by people that say they “didn’t crash” sees the exact same metrics involving that specific vehicle-related crash, which, mind you, does not occur on a clean game without these vehicle mods at all.


We fully understand these models have the potential to crash. However, in my case, they do not.

The pure reason this should be toggleable is due to creative expression and every crash is a case by case basis. Servers who have this problem can add this, and servers who don’t should not have too.

Say a community ordered a custom car pack and all these cars had the issue. That community is now screwed because their uniqueness has been removed.


… ‘ordered’? We’re not here to facilitate commercial operations, if any server has done so they should be blacklisted either way.

If ‘ordered’ in this case means ‘requested for no remuneration whatsoever’, they are supposed to have the source car files (.z3d in case of ZModeler3) and be able to export them again with the latest version of ZModeler, which will fix this issue.

No, they actually did. We checked the metrics for your server. That same crash that this is meant to prevent? Yeah, you were having that one too.


Once again we were not having any issues with crashing. Whatever your metrics displayed are not my concern, the fact we had to change vehicles without reason is.


Have you guys considered that we don’t mind a crash once in a while as opposed to a permanent crash because the model is blacklisted now?


I see one problem… I who knows nothing about zmodler as of yet are at the mercy of waiting till someone re-releases the certain vehicle that caused my crash due to it being in multiple forms/applications. Also since some modlers don’t notice these issues because they release the vehicle for another application with in the realm of gta v… i.e. lspdfr we who rely on these very vehicles for the fivem realm are out decent vehicle mods and are stuck back at vanilla junk.


TOS Third Party Content
15. Mods may cease functioning at any time for reasons including Updates, changes in the Game
Services, and/or other unforeseen changes by the Users, and/or authors of the Mods and/or
Dependent Products.

For what it’s worth…they don’t need to allow it for any reason.


You were having crashes. Are crashes suddenly not an issue anymore?

You didn’t have to ‘change vehicles’, you could’ve just re-exported with a new version of ZModeler that fixed this bug. Also, it’s not ‘without reason’, this particular crash that happened? Yeah, it’s gone since this check.

Have you considered that this crash is a signal to remove/replace/fix that particular vehicle, and not just another crash?