Issues with ID number



Hi there I am wondering why I don’t get the same ID everytime? When I log in to do a RP session I am not the same ID? Even know I login first? I always have a different ID number?

So im wondering is there away to keep the same ID number at all? Please can some one explain please?

Cheers in advance.


If I understand what you’re trying to say, you mean your ID like on the leaderboard? It’s going to change everytime you join the server. Yes.

What you can do is create a script to save your steamID/IP Address & license. This is how people save typically save data using mysql or something along those lines.

So basically, yes, you always have a different ID number. But you never have a different steamID/IP Address and license without an outside force(such as you changing them)


Yes I am trying to say that lol I’m no coder so I struggle with it tbh, is it possible to send me a resource of some kind? I’m not sure how I can do it? Thanks again sorry if I don’t explain very well.

You can add me on discord if u want to chat more.


Thank you for replying.


How to create own framework? base? I think it’d be a good idea for your to learn how to program in lua. Which incidentally includes javascript, html, and css to some degree.

This helps save your data. With this you can connect to your database and create queries/execute commands. This does require you to have a database at that.

If you’re a new server owner and you’re hoping to create a community. You have to have either development skills yourself or developers to to do the work themselves for you. Best piece of advice I can give you is to learn how to program.


Yeah I have a database etc its just with this issue I have, I can install scripts and edit them as when needed. So I will look at your reply.