Issue with FXServer


This is the issue I am having; basically all the basic shit like chat and what not wont load cause I dont have the resource; but I thought that the resource was included? Anywho here is the code, if you could help that would be great.

^3Couldn't find resource session manager. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource mapmanager. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource chat. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource  spawnmanager. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource sessionmanager ^?
^3Couldn't find resource fivem. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource hardcap. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource rconlog. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource scoreboard. ^?
^3Couldn't find resource playernames. ^?


Removed an unrelated image from your post


I was editing it; realized it didnt paste text


need more info really but did u edit stuff?

and have u tried to re download a fresh copy

looking at pic spaces on some seem wrong and have put correct in servercfg


Looks like you’re not launching from the correct directory.