Is this against the rules?


Can i just pay someone to set up my server i just rented?


It is not allowed, please review the service agreement.


Please link me to that. Thanks.



Yes, ive read that. It doesn’t say that i can’t pay for the set up of a server. It says i cant charge people to come play and to make profit. Im just trying to set up my little 10 person server for 2 people. My brothers, who have autism and just want to play police with each other. Thanks.


BUMP. Still need this.


I really don’t want to be more of a dick than I already am, but unfortunately, I don’t believe it is allowed. If I have time, I could set one up for you. Are you using Zap or a VPS/Dedi?

(Make sure to not pay anyone for ANYTHING related with FiveM - That’s what i’ve gathered. Although it’s not stated, some forum moderators say it isn’t allowed.)


Thanks. I mean it it up and running. With custom cars and other stuff. I just don’t how to use it. Zap hosting help set it up. Now I just need know how to get them to be police.


So you have it set up? What resources are you trying to use?


Zap has dunkos vrp preloaded. So I just need help on setting it up for them.


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