Is there something wrong with auto-ban?


I woke up today to FiveM saying I have a 13 day global ban and have no idea why. I have searched and see plenty of other topics of people saying similar things and being told there is nothing that can be done, they must have cheated.

I definitely did not intentionally cheat. I have no idea if there is something on my computer triggering the ban, but I have only been playing on one server for the last week and I have a fresh GTA install other than a map mod.

How am I even supposed to figure out what I have been banned for?

This is my steam profile:

This is the message it gave me: “You have been globally banned from FiveM for cheating. This ban will expire in 13 days + 12:26:14. Please do note that the FiveM staff can not assist you with this ban.
Your ban ID is c59246bf-1ea8-4fcd-b624-617a9bc3f753.”



Well FiveM does not unban people who get globally banned. You are gonna have to wait until the ban time is up. The ban only gets triggered when someone injects cheats into the game. So if you arent doing it on your account someone else is. So I recommend changing your account passwords and any other accounts you have with the same login.



I mean there is no way someone is using my account I have Steam Guard.

The server I play on had some sort of issue with a hacker last night giving people tons of money. I wake up today and am Fivem banned for two weeks. Seems pretty fucking coincidental to me, but how is there nothing that can be done when it should be obvious it wasn’t me.

Whole server is getting reset and I can’t even get on, with no way to have someone look into the ban, seems kinda unfair.



As was said FiveM doesnt look for direct in-game behaviors. It looks for when a program is injecting code into the game. Giving you money or anything else this “hacker” did to you would 100% not trigger the global ban system and even if that was the case everyone on that server the hacker gave money to would be banned not just you.

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I get what you’re saying. I obviously don’t know what happened and that’s my point. Like I feel that it should be able to be investigated to some degree, cause it’s pretty coincidental.

How am I supposed to know what the fuck to do when I actually have no idea what I could have been banned for? Makes no sense to me.



It’s unlikely that the anticheat system banned you for no reason, if you’ve either successfully or attempted to use any type of software that attempts to inject itself into the FiveM client then that’s your cause.

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I don’t even know what that means…

I was playing GTA with a bunch of mods but did a fresh install weeks ago before starting to RP.

I’m trying to figure out what the reason could even be so that this doesn’t just happen again in two weeks or whatever



I’ll break it down for you…

  1. It’s unlikely that you got banned for no reason.
  2. If you used any type of software, menu, addon, perk, benefit, thing, cheat, asset that attempted or successfully attempted to weasel its way into the FiveM client then it was likely detected.
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…I understand that much. What I don’t understand is how there could be something doing that without my knowledge.

Like how would I figure that out? Without someone from Fivem telling me what happened specifically with my account.

Or do I have to legitimately wipe my entire system?

Just seems like there should be a way to get more information because, again, this is not something that was done intentionally (whether or not Fivem detected something).



No, just don’t use your mod menus or some shit after the ban lifts and try that :slight_smile:

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There’s nothing wrong, if you cheat you get banned


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