Is onClientResourceStop working?



The following event isn’t firing for myself or some other users in Discord.


Is it working for anyone else or is it broken?


that would be working after an resource would be stopped manual from server console


Is it triggered when you restart the resource via the server console?

restart _name


i think it would work, because restarting a resource would mean to stop it first and start it again, so technically it should work , but stop _nameis to stop a resource


Yeah that’s what I thought, but I’m trying to log the event and nothing is being outputted.


as i said technically , try use stop name.


No it just doesn’t seem to be called at all for me or some others whether you stop or restart the resource.

It doesn’t seem to be working as intended.


From my experience it actually works when you join the server ONLY… Weird.


You can’t receive this for the currently stopping resource, no.