Is it possible to set-up FXServer for just LAN?


I have heard that running FXServer on your own machine is dangerous when visible on the internet, for unexplained reasons. That said, I’ll heed the warnings of those more in the know. As such, is it possible to run FXServer exclusively on LAN?

Yes. Just set up FiveM, FXServer, and fresh installed GTA V.
Windows 10
i5 4690K - GTX 1080Ti - 16GB RAM

Tried nothing so far. Not gonna poke in something I don’t know inside out.


Well, thanks for filling it out but, if you’re asking a question like this, you don’t need to :wink:

As far as I know, there’s a convar that you can set. I think it’s sv_lan true. Just add that to your server.cfg and you should be good to go.


Thanks Havoc. I’ll give that a shot now.

Was pretty sure I didn’t need to. Though I’d rather be respectful and play it safe since I’m new here.


By not opening the required port, your server is already (technically) set to lan. You would obviously only be connecting using your internal IP address, using the Direct Connect option in the FiveM Server Browser.

Though if “sv_lan” is an option, then I guess you can toggle it while the port is open.


Didn’t know if it would still talk to the FiveM server listings.

Anyway, thanks! Works great! Props to you both.

Feel free to lock the thread.


Im running my server with all ports closed
just direct connect with Localhost.
haven’t tested if other computers on the network can join


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