Is it possible to only Direct Connect to a FX Server?


I know in the config file for the cfx servers, you could set it up where it was direct connect only. Is that possible for the FX Servers?



Remove the # from #sv_master1


I’m not seeing it in the server.cfg. Where might it be?


Are you using the server.cfg from the fxserver wiki?


Huh. I guess I’m not? The one we have is very similar, but has some differences and doesn’t have that line of code. I wonder if I can add that back in.


It’s on the wiki, sv master exists as stock with it, simple just remove the hashtag


ahh okay,

@Mikofiticus add this

disable announcing? clear out the master by uncommenting this

#sv_master1 “”

and get rid of the # before sv_master


I hope you’re using FXServer’s server.cfg…

If you aren’t, look at the wiki!