Is it possible to have a folder with mods be connected to steam, and a vanilla folder with FiveM installed in another directory?


Was wondering this, I want to have my folder with mods be connected to Steam while FiveM is installed in the vanilla folder, would appreciate any help.


I simply create different directories. For example, I have Grand Theft Auto V - FiveM for my FiveM related stuff, Grand Theft Auto V (vanilla GTA for recording the singleplayer), and Grand Theft Auto V - LSPDFR where I keep my LSPDFR series mods and things. It’s a pain when an update is released, but I typically just copy the normal Grand Theft Auto V folder to the others. It’s not ideal, but it works and keeps things where they are meant to be :smile:


Think you could help me with that? Would greatly appreciate it, I had an issue when I had my mods folder in an alternate folder, where my LSPDFR wasn’t working so I just deleted it all.


I just copy+pasted the base (non-modified) GTA V directory and renamed it each time. My FiveM directory was set to the directory with FiveM in the name (Grand Theft Auto V - FiveM), etc. As far as I know it was as simple as that, nothing really had to be setup or changed (that I can remember).


Only wondering how to get FiveM to launch from the non modified folder, just can’t figure that out.


I’m not sure what you mean. Simply install FiveM and select your GTA V directory and that should do it.


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