Is it against TOS?


is it against Five M TOS to make people pay for a vehicle as a “donator car” that is free on websites and fivem dev release?


No, as long as they are not making a profit over there server costs and etc.


well i mean there making people pay to use a car that is free on gta5-mods and fivem


there not “making” people pay for it people are just donating for the cars which in return is blinded by the reason to help with server costs.

Sadly, its allowed even though it dont make sense to me either its allowed.


If you mean people paying for the car files/script itself, then that is not allowed.

However, if you have a car on your server, and somebody donates, you can allow them to drive it as a sort of reward for donating.


ya hes talking about donation cars :stuck_out_tongue:


Its scummy and I would not play on that server. If you are thinking of doing it yourself dont. I think that is close to violating the TOS and you are essentially using that mod to cover cost. Just have people donate if they like a server not for something in return.


I would also get permission from the author of the mod to use it in this way as you are making money from it. Even though you won’t/shouldn’t be using it to make profit, you are still making money as you aren’t having to use your own money to pay for server costs.
I don’t know how the fivem team would deal with an instance where an author of a mod that is being used on a server without permission, and the server owners aren’t removing it, even though the author has asked for it to be removed. Does the server license get revoked or something until the mod is removed? Or is it not up to the fivem team to do anything?


Ugh, i thought this was fivem. Not shark card auto online. :wink:


As already said by others, it is allowed. I personally dont see the problem with this, and to respond to the guy saying it is commercial use of another person’s work, commercial use is only when you are making profit off something, not when you are covering server cost.


that is not how it works lol that would be like saying hey, im gunna take someones scripts/code, start selling it to pay for my server costs but its fine because im not profiting off it so screw the original person who made it all because im not profiting from it. “to also comment on the whole commercial use bit.”

Donator cars are fine for the main reason its in-game content, he isnt selling the actual “script/model etc…”


Commercial use is when you are using something to gain monetary compensation. See here. If you are getting donations based on someone elses work, it would still be considered commercial use of that work, which in this case is a mod that someone else is using. Just because you are covering server costs, doesn’t mean you aren’t gaining anything from it, as the server owner wouldn’t have to pay as much out of their pocket for the server costs.

Bottom line, no matter what circumstance, you should always ask for permission when using someone elses work. The permission could even be that the author has put in the description of the mod “use it however you want, I don’t care”, which in this case would be fine. If they haven’t said how it could be used, I would be asking permission and stating how you intend to use the mod. Just saying “im going to be putting it in my FiveM server” is not the same as “I will be providing it to players who donate money to my server” as some authors may not be ok with that and they have a right to not be.
When it comes to using someone elses work for money, it can become quite a shitstorm and I think its important for it to be discussed.


Yeah, but as long as you got permission i dont see anything about it, FiveM ToS say you mustnt earn profit from fivem, they dont talk about how you can get people to donate.


That’s what I’m saying, as long as you have permission to use the mod for donation purposes, then thats fine.
The thing I was getting at was using a mod for donations and NOT having permission from the author to use it in this way. This is where it gets difficult and I wonder how the FiveM team would handle a situation like this, where the author of the mod complains to the server owner, but the server owner doesn’t comply. Does the server get their server license key revoked until the mod has been removed, or does the FiveM team not care and leaves it to the author and server owner to deal with?


People need to be more creative if they want people to pay for things on a server. I for example am going to offer the ability to save more personal vehicles for a very small cost.

Some people seem to think that running a server is free. It’s not and can be pretty expensive sometimes, especially if using a dedicated server. You can’t expect people to run it for you for free.


There is just no need for them to get involved. Like no need whatsoever.

Eh, well, it would be up to you, and the person who made the model.

I agree, as a server owner, I come across this very regularly, it’s not always cheap. I have 2 VPS’ to run everything. It’s not cheap, god knows what it would cost to have 2 dedi’s…


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