IRL Leo Looking for Community Please Read


Hello I am currently looking for a community. I am a 25 year old Sergeant for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. I am looking for a place that is preferably looking for either CoC or HoD I have a massive amount of experience in CoC and HoD. If looking for an HoD I can provide, documents, peds, and vehicles all accustomed to said department. You can contact me here or email or by discord Frank N.#9046


EDIT: Added info about me


we would love to have you as chief of police! join our discord


I don’t recommend this guy if he doen’t get his own way he threatens to leave and then starts talking rubbish about you and the community he is a great cop but…


I am going to say one thing but I removed you because you started saying rubbish about the community and was just careless of your actions there was proper boundaries set and you disobeyd our rules therefore we banned you.
P.S(I am not the type of person to start stuff I am just saying this and nothing else)


Before this get’s out of hand…

Take this to PM’s

Simple as that.


I apologise for this just had to say it I am done now.


Ok, well no need to say any more then.


why did you leave? i dont get it


Sent you a PM bud.


#13 <- just set up my server, recruiting all positions


If you’re interested:


Still searching if you need someone


Hey! Take a look at us!


you really didn’t need to say anything though?


Hey man we are a brand new server and want serious rp players to join it. We have a super nice staff who are ready to help you if ever needed. We have almost everything modded and try to be as realistic as possible. such as whenever you get out of a car the engine will keep running until you manually turn it off. It would be awesome to have people with experience such as you join our server… if you are interested or have any question join our discord:

Looking forward to see you :smiley:


wait is this guys name KnightFlyer/Dwight something or other?



Take a look at us!


Come Join our Welcoming Discord