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Hey guys! I would like to welcome you all to our new server called ionrp.net! To give you a TLDR: We are a tight-nit economy based server with active players. We have alot to offer and many open postitions waiting to be filled, so come check us out for the best FiveM roleplay experince! At this time we are currently looking for more LEOs, EMS, Staff, and experinced developers!

Server IP:

Our server has MANY features and we are constantly updating the server to bring the best content to our community! Here are some of the features we have on our server:

  • Clean UI
  • Inventory and Glovebox system
  • Many Law Enforcement Features and Vehicles
  • Phone System
    Mythic Hospital and Health System
    Simple Fuel System
    Drugs, Gangs, Break into houses, and Special heists

and much more!

If you’re looking for a realistic law enforcement system you have come to the right place. We offer three departments on ionrp, LSPD, BCSO/LSSO, and SASP. We only hire mature, skilled, and professional officers to server our State. We offer high quality vehicles and skins for each dpeartment aswell as the ability to go on/off duty. If you are intrested join the discord for more info!

The ability to make and search up criminal records
Unrack and Racking System

We currently have a gang whitelist system on our server and many features for you to use when in a gang! Become a Gang Boss and start your own gang! Gangs open up alot of RP for the server and can create a fun experince for everyone involved. If you are intrested in Gangs, join the server and start roleplaying!

We offer racing and driving scripts on the server that are alot of fun! If you like JDM cars our server offers many high quality and accurate models that we have been working on. If you enjoy illegal street racing or just want to own a nice car check out the imports car dealer which is player owned (Looking for an owner)!

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i added you

added back :slight_smile:

Updating Forum Post :grinning:

updating orginal forum post

Hey Mate,

Just added you. Looking forward to working together.

Guy does amazing work, he worked on those black police cars for my server!

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Have a pretty good offer to the table, name is Grimz!

I updated this forum post to my server post cause I didnt need the dev work any more if any staff see this :grin:


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OHH This servers FUCKING Amazing

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I can’t wait to start doing LEO on here

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cant wait to see what everyone will bring to this community

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New Server IP:
Upgraded Our system specs a bit :grin:

Update 1.2 will be releasing today and will be adding/changing features.

We are also trying to get as many people on the server tofay because we have upgraded to 64 players!

Added new health system and added controller support

Many new features have been added today aswell as the rework of drugs.

Looking for mature LEOs, Staff, EMS Command and EMS, If you are intrested join the discord and message me!